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Are you a Customer or a Partner? We have a different experience depending on whether you are an organisation wanting to understand a transition to cloud or you are a consulting firm wanting to help your customers plan and migrate.

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If you're a customer:

  • I want to discover and record the costs of my own environment.
  • I am not an integrator or consulting firm.
  • I work for a single entity wanting to use cloudstep®.

We'll help you directly or find a local partner to assist.


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If you're a partner:

  • I work for a consulting firm or integrator that helps my customers move to the cloud.
  • I have multiple customers to help understand costs and define business cases for.
  • Each of my customers will have a seperate cloudstep® context.
  • Information between my customers will not be shared.
  • I can centrally manage my cloudstep® models and switch between my customer views.
  • Partners can benefit from a range of resources and assistance from trained cloudstep® engineers.

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