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Get started building a financial case then seeing the migration through to successful conclusion.

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You can Also signup through the Azure Marketplace and have your cloudstep subscription billed through Microsoft.

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If you have issues or queries please reach out through support@cloudstep.io and we'll address your problem as soon as possible.  Check the status page on uptime.com for information about system status.

Getting Help

Take a look at the documentation but if you get into trouble, you can reach out to us at support@cloudstep.io. We'll get back in touch with you and help you through directly using Microsoft Teams.

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Learning your way around

We have some videos that can help you understand the basics.  You should also take a look at this documentation:

Get started learning about the 10 Minute Model

And then move onto understanding how to analyse your model

Recent News and Changes

Learn more about how we deal with bugs, We think you'll like it.

27th January 2021

Azure Migrate Integration allows importing Assessments of machines and disks to populate and update your cloudstep model.

7th December 2020

cloudstep.io user interface is fundamentally re-designed based on customer feedback.  Let us know what you think at support@cloudstep.io