Some General Guidance

The user interface is designed to work on mobile, tablets and web browsers on laptops and desktops.  It is also intended to be intuitive and react in ways that make sense.  There are a few tips to consider to make your life easier.

Icons Matter

The colours of various icons you see are the same wherever they are used.

Colours Matter

The colours of various icons and elements you see matter:

  • An icon in Blue is generally clickable to move through to the information described.
  • An icon in Green or Orange is generally not clickable and is for information purposes only.

Dragging and Dropping Works

You can usually Drag and Drop elements onto each other.  In the search bar on the right you can try finding things then dragging them onto an Explorer on the left.  If the Elements are compatible you'll see cloudstep shadow the Explorer and you can drop the Element to create the association.  This is how Relationships and Dependencies are created.

The Toolbar

From left to right, the icons present in the toolbar perform a series of important purposes:

  • Help.  Click on this icon to see the oducmentation centre.
  • Add.  Click on this icon to add a new element to the model.
  • Scenarios.  Click on this icon to see the currently active Scenarios and to select different ones.
  • Messages.  This is where cloudstep will tell you about updates to the financial model and any other signficant activities.

The Browser

The browser is where you find model Elements and interact with them.  You can search for elements by name and you can use some wildcard patterns too.  You can for instance look for testco*va0* to find servers with specific wildcards in them.  This lets you find exactly what you're looking for.  Once you've found Elements you're looking for you can do one of the following:

  • Click on the Element to show its Explorer.
  • Drag the Element onto the Explorer on the left to associate it.
  • Shift+Click the Element to pull up a popup window that shows a quick view of the Element.
  • Alt+Click the Element to multi-select it.


You can Alt+Click as many elements as you like.  When you start multi-selecting elements you'll see a green button appear which as a few options you can choose.  This will process all of the multi-selected entries in the following ways:

  • Associate Above.  This will associate the Elements above the one selected.  Not all elements support "associate above".
  • Associate Underneath.  This allows you to select several elements and place them underneath.  This is the same as a simple drag/drop of a single Element.
  • Delete.  This allows deletion of all of the element selected.  Don't worry, you'll have a chance to back out.