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  • Drag/Drop Elements

    cloudstep.io is very visual in its design.  By its nature, the tool is about creating graphs of information.  Apps are implemented on infrastructure which is in turn dependent on more infrastructure.  Dragging elements onto each other is a great way to make this work easily and to let you build the model more quickly.  While you can edit each Element and create the associations this will take a long time.

    This is really best described by example...

    The following Matrix describes which elements can be dragged onto each other.  The following table descrbies what happend when an element is dragged "from" - top row onto another "to" - left column.

      Team Function Application Implementation Infrastructure Cost Project
    Team - Carries Out - - - - -
    Function Carries Out - Uses - - - -
    Application - Uses - - - Associate Delivers
    Implementation - - - - Depends On Associate Delivers
    Infrastructure - - - Depends On - Associate Delivers
    Cost - - Associate Associate Associate - -
    Project - - Delivers Delivers Delivers - -