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  • Import/Export Wave Plans

    Migration Waves are the defined application migration intervals within the cloudstep® model timeline. Typically several applications are moved within a specific migration wave.

    The Import/Export tool will generate or ingest a spreadsheet that has the application and migration wave intents.  Each wave record has some general fields and several specific fields.

    General fields are:

    • ID.  The ID of the Cost record in cloudstep.
    • Action.  Whether to "create", "update" or "delete" the record in cloudstep.
    • Scenario. The Scenario that the migration wave is associated with.
    • Application. The Application belonging to the migration wave.
    • Wave. The Name of the Migration Wave.
    • Intent. Where the Application is moving to (IaaS, SaaS, On-Premise, Retire). 
    • Project Budget. Project Budget for the application move.
    • Project Description.  The HTML description of the Project.
    • Monthly Cost (SaaS). A cost per month for SaaS.
    • Sevice Name (SaaS). The name of the SaaS Service (e.g. Office365).
    • Cloud Datacentre (IaaS). The name of the Cloud Datacentre where IaaS workloads will reside.
    • Planning Effort. Hours of effort.
    • Migration Effort. Hours of effort.
    • Testing Effort. Hours of effort.
    • Release Effort. Hours of effort.
    • Complexity. A measure of how difficult the migration is.

    Note: If uploading new costs and action is set to 'create', you can leave the ID field blank.