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    There are several different types of costs that can be modelled in cloudstep.  The Import/Export tool will generate or ingest a spreadsheet where each sheet has all of the costs for that type.  Each cost record has some general fields and several specific fields

    General fields are:

    • ID.  The ID of the Cost record in cloudstep.
    • Action.  Whether to "create", "update" or "delete" the record in cloudstep.
    • Name.  The name of the cost.
    • Description.  The HTML description of the cost.

    Note: If uploading new costs and action is set to 'create', you can leave the ID field blank.

    Simple Costs

    Simple cost fields:

    • Amount. The monthly amount (We recommend without GST).
    • Growth. The annual growth rate of the cost as a percentage.
    • Ceiling. The annual growth rate will apply to the monthly starting point until this value is reached.
    • **Costcategory.  Categories in the model include:
      • Managed Services
      • Licensing
      • Labour
      • Facility
      • Network
      • Cloud Infrastructure
      • Saas Subscription
      • Other
      • None

    ** Costcategory not shown in image above. 

    Labour Cost

    Labour Cost's maybe named after a team/department or position.


    1. Network Team
    2. Storage Team
    3. System Administrator
    4. Helpdesk Operator 

    Office365 Licensing

    Direct Connectivity

    AWS EC2 Instance

    Azure VM Cost

    Cloud Storage

    Recurring and Monthly Costs

    Interval Costs

    CPU Based Licensing