Modelling » Infrastructure » Infrastructure Details

To view a Infrastructure Details Page, use the Search Tool to locate your desired piece of Infrastructure, then click on the Infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Detials Page displays the following information:

  • Infrastructure Overview - General Details about the Infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Details - More information about the Infrastructure.
  • Depends On - A list of all the Infrastructure that is directly depended on.
  • Replaced By - A list of the infrastructure that replaces this one in various scenarios.
  • Depending - A list of all the infrastructure that are depended on directly.
  • Costs - Operational costs associated with the infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Details - Who is responsible for the application and how it is deployed.
  • Cost of Delivery Over Lifespan - This chart shows how the cost of delivering the Infrastructure varies over the financial model. The cost can vary because of this item's share of the infrastructure or facilities underneath change. It can also vary because of different applications or implementations.