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The Dashboard provides a visual indication of model completeness and can be used to identify areas that require attention. The dashboard is comprised of a range of model statistics and visualisations:

  • Your environment in numbers - an indication of the metrics around applications, teams, function, infrastructure, projects and operational costs.
  • Modeling Progress - an indication of the percentage of incomplete configurations for teams, apps, functions, infrastructure and costs.
  • Critical Infrastructure - infrastructure identified in cloudstep as being highly important with many dependencies.
  • Expensive InfrastructureInfrastructure identified as being very expensive over the modeling period.  The top 20 most expensive pieces of infrastructure are identified.
  • Inaccurate Costs - Costs, if in the model should be applied to an application, implementation or infrastructure.  They should be as accurate as possible but if not they will be highlighted.
  • Highest Costs - Those line items that have the highest impact on the model.
  • Unused Infrastructure - Infrastructure should either be directly associated with the implementation of an application or be relied upon by other infrastructure.
  • Migration Summary - A high level summary of the migration activities.

To view the Dashboard, select Dashboard from the Model Menu.


The Dashboard menu provides a visualisation of model completeness, highlighting areas that require focus. 

Modeling TIP: A cloudstep® model is only as good as the information it contains. Regularly review the dashboard as you build your baseline scenario. This will help you identify the specific areas of the model that require focus. 

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The dashboard shows you the model from a birds eye view, showing you the progress you've made

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Your Environment in Numbers Modeling Progress Critical Infrastructure Expensive Infrastructure Unused Infrastructure Highest Costs Inaccurate Costs Migration Summary