Bulk Editing

Bulk Edits

cloudstep.io has three key ways to manipulate the data within it:

  • Direct Data Entry.  You can browse the data and edit individual items through the rich UI.
  • Import/Export.  You can download the data into Excel workbooks then update them and upload the changes back into the model.
  • Bulk Edit.  The Bulk Edit tool lets you manipulate lots of data at once.

There are four different types of data you can bulk edit:

  • Applications.  You can find apps then add/remove costs and alter the scenarios they appear in.
  • Infrastructure.  You can find infrastructure and alter costs, scenarios, start/stop dates, add/remove dependencies and change capital refresh intervals.
  • Functions.  You can alter the start/stop dates for functions.
  • Migration Plans.  You can find and change batches of migrations to change the intent, save, scenario or tag them with a specific cloud datacentre.

Step 1: Find the Infrastructure you are looking for

Each type of element you can modify has a different way of being displayed.  You can select one or more criteria to find what you're looking for or search by keywork in the table.  You can tag one or more elements of the search list to be changed.  Once you've got what you need you can thne move to the next step of making bulk changes.

Step 2: Make Changes to the Infrastructure

All of the elements of a given type that are tagged can be changed at once.  Select the changes you want to make then click "Change Marked..." to enact the change.   The elements you've tagged will remain tagged until  you un-tag them so you can make several changes to the same set of elements.


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