10 Minute Model

Seven Quick and Easy Steps

The 10 Minute Model Builder has eight quick and easy steps. You can step through them by clicking on each step in the navigation pane.

Once completed the 10 Minute Model can be expanded to take advantage of the many sophisticated analysis tools built into cloudstep® with the inclusion of as much granularity as your business case requires.

The 10 Minute Model Builder is comprised of eight easy steps.

  1. Migration Plan
  2. Your Team
  3. Virtual Infrastructure
  4. Your Datacentres
  5. Licensing
  6. Managed Services
  7. Your Applications  
  8. Summary

On completion of each step select Save and Continue

cloudstep® will advise success or failure of each step. 

Note: Each step can be revisited and updated with different information, supporting easy generation of what if scenarios.

On completion - Step 8 contains model summary information.

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