The guides in this section will help you get the most out of your modelling time in  There are many ways to acheive the same outcome and some common pitfalls to avoid.  Following these guides will ensure you gain the insights you need.  Modelling in cloudstep is broken into three broad steps:

Step 1: Build Your Model

You start by telling cloudstep about your current environment.  This includes the teams and functions, applications and infrastructure that make up the Business As Usual (BAU) model.  The Organisation Designer tools help you do this quickly and accurately.

Step 2: Plan Migrations

Once you know where you are, you can start thinking about where to go.  The planning tools will help you schedule migrations into waves, descide how to migrate your applications and to figure out when infrastructure should be retired.

Step 3: Analyse your Model

Once you've modelled the current state and a series of future states, you can explore the financial and operational impact of these plans with the analysis tools.

Complex Modelling

Once you've setup the basics you can explore how to model more complex current and future state scenarios.