Edit Scenarios

Edit Scenario

There are only two fields that can be changed for a Scenario:

  • Name
  • Description

Setting Defaults

For a scenario there are two default values that can be set:

  • Default IaaS Cost.  When planning infrastructure migrations cloudstep needs to know how you plan to migrate a given VM to the public cloud (or if this will happen).  A default Cost profile for servers can be provided here.  This can be overridden for any VM.
  • Default Cloud Datacentre.  Any server migrated to the cloud must be attached to a Cloud Datacentre.  Use this dropdown to pick a default datacentre.

Changing either of these will not cause recalculation occur.

To edit a Scenario do the following:

  1. Find the Scenario in the Browser or from the Scenarios and Waves menu in the left hand navigation
  2. Click on the Edit tab of the Explorer
  3. Upate the scenario
  4. Hit Save 

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