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    This cost calculator will construct the operating costs for direct connectivity to either AWS or Azure. You will need to provide the following information:

    • The cloud provider the connectivity will reach (AWS or Azure)
    • The bandwidth Required
    • The amount of traffic that will flow each month
    • The expected growth rate in traffic each year
    • Whether or not a VPN backup service should be included
    • The monthly and setup costs for last mile carriage service

    To create a Direct Connectivity Cost from the + menu option select Operational Cost.


    Select Direct Connectivity.


    Enter a Name, Description and select a Cost Category for the Direct Connectivity Cost.

    Tip: Give the Direct Connectivty Cost a name that easily differentiates your cost from other Interval Costs. e.g. <Cost:> <Direct Connectivity Description>.


    Enter the Bandwith required, Inbound Traffic, Outbound Traffic, Traffic Growth, Cloud Provider, VPN Backup, Carriage Service Setup, Carriage Service Monthly and Select a MegaPort Service (if required).


    Finally click the Explore button to complete the creation of the new Direct Connectivity Cost.