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  • Azure VM Cost

    Azure Virtual Machines (Azure VM) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity within the Microsoft Azure public cloud. cloudstep® has a native operational cost driver for use with pricing of Azure Virtual Machines.

    To create a Azure VM cost from the + menu option select Operational Cost.


    Select Azure VM.


    Enter a Name, Description and select a Cost Category for the Azure VM Cost.

    Note: its useful to create different Azure VM costs for different classes of VMs. e.g. Production machines where no license is required, Production machines which includes SQL, Development VMs etc.

    Tip: Give the Azure VM Cost a name that easily differentiates your cost from other Azure VM Costs. e.g. <Intended Workload Class> <Cost Type> - (<Licensing Model> <CostType>).


    Select a Region, Choose a Licensing Model, Cost Optimizer, Hardware Optimizer, Tenancy Type, Instance Family and Additional Software.


    Finally click the Explore button to complete the creation of the new Azure VM Cost.