Beer Bug Bounty

The Beer Bug Bounty is rapidly evolving.  Our customer base is a bit like us, we're consultants trying to get the best outcomes for our customers.  To that end we see our users and partners as stakeholders, not just customers.  We acknowledge that there's bugs and shortcomings in any product.  We also know that the sort of people who will use are natural problem solvers and builders.

We've decided to take a different approach to finding and fixing bugs.  If you raise it, we'll work on it.  If you help us fix and test it we'll reward you.  To our Australian partners we offer our Beer Bug Bounty.  If you help us work through a major bug or issue with cloudstep we'll reward you with frothy goodness.  We'll send a voucher from BWS for the beer (or spirits or whatever) of your choice to the value of AU$50.  Tag pictures of you enjoying your beer with #beerbugbounty and we'll promote it.

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